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Santorini - Greece

Hi and welcome to my travel blog!


My name is Marissa and as you can tell I love, love, love to travel and also I love, love, love to share my adventures and experiences with you to hopefully make your own next adventure a truly amazing one.    

The world is a big place and there are so many places to be seen and explored, hence I called this blog ‘Neverending Places’.  

Like many people, I was taught to get a good education, go to college, get a job and life happily ever after. However, I realized that a 9-5 job sitting behind a desk wasn’t fullfilling me and certainly didn’t make me happy. Back in 2019, I therefore started this travel blog, which was a respite from my everyday life. I have been traveling for many years and went on my first major solo trip in 2011 where I traveled to America, Australia and Asia for 2,5 months which changed my life forever; I came home and immediately felt an urge to leave again and explore more.   

When I started this blog I wanted to have a place where I could gather all the places I’ve travelled to. The blog then turned into a fun thing where I would create posts which would inspire other curious travel souls.  


Continents Visited


Countries Visited


Flights Boarded

On my trips I like to take my time to fully experience the place, its atmosphere, the culture and the history. Therefore, I travel by the motto “What I didn’t see this time, I will see next time”. It is utterly important to me being able to experience everything in my own pace, and I want to reccommend you not to feel rushed by anyone or anything but to go in your own pace, too. I don’t travel just to check off countries from my bucket list, I travel to learn, see and experience new cultures, new places and new countries. 

It makes me happy being able to help you with your next travel goals. I hope you find inspiration and enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy creating it for you. 


Thank you for joining me on my adventures, 


Highlands - Scotland

10  Facts:

1. Name: Marissa Matthiesen

2. Born: Flensburg, Germany

3. Currently living: Aarhus, Denmark

4. Languages: 4 - Danish, German, English and French

5. First foreign country visited: Italy

6. Favorite City: New York & Paris


7. Biggest dream: To be a fulltime singer/songwriter

8. Favorite food: Cheese and dessert

9. My biggest idol: Taylor Swift

10. Favourite colour: Pink

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