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Amalfi Coast Trip

After seeing pictures of the famous Amalfi Coast over and over again, mostly inspired through Instagram and Pinterest pictures, I found it was time to explore this famous spot myself – finding out what the “fuzz” was about. After spending the first two weeks exploring the beautiful historic towns of Florence, Rome and Naples, we rented a car to head out of the vibrant city of Naples towards the coastal towns at the Amalfi Coast. The most interesting part of the drive was navigating out of Naples where cars don’t seem to have a break and scooters steer their way through tiny gaps between cars. The most difficult part of the drive we had left behind us and so the journey continued to Sorrento. My eyes started glistening when we approached the coast, and the first small towns were glimpsing behind the trees. This was the affirmation needed – the Amalfi Coast is truly as beautiful and even more stunning in reality than pictures ever can do it justice. During our stay in Sorrento, we headed out to explore and while there are many and more towns worth discovering, here is a list of the ones you should have on your list for an Amalfi Coast Trip in any case.

Sorrento is located on the northern side of the coast

1. Sorrento

During our stay at the Amalfi Coast, we chose Sorrento as our base. Due to its popularity, staying at the Amalfi Coast, especially in towns like Positano, can be pricy, which is why we opted for a more economical friendly base. Sorrento is, unlike the other popular towns, located on the northern side of the coast, directly across Naples, giving you the most beautiful panoramic view over the Bay of Naples. When the sun has set, overlooking the Bay of Naples with the lights glistening in the dark from across the bay is absolutely magical. I’m looking gratefully back at our time in Sorrento and having chosen this place as our home-away-from-home. Especially, after having visited other towns like Amalfi, Positano and the island of Capri, Sorrento seemed to have preserved that specific Italian charm without the large number of tourists, but nonetheless just as unique as any other town along the coast with the white villas and sea-view hotels located atop of the steep cliffs, overlooking the azure Mediterranean Sea.

Amalfi is the biggest town along the coast with a wonderful combination of city and nature

2. Amalfi

After our first attempt to visit Amalfi failed due to the lack of vacant parking spots in and around the city, our second time trying succeeded, and we got to enjoy the beautiful town of Amalfi for an entire day. Amalfi is the biggest town along the coast with a wonderful combination of city and nature, which you will find after leaving the city just few kilometres behind you. This charming town is especially known for its pompous cathedral standing on top of a high plateau, with a grand staircase leading towards an elaborate bronze door; hiding behind these doors is an oasis of ancient history. Amalfi is a perfectly charming town, surrounded by dramatic cliffs, overlooking the coast and the bay. When we took off to see some of the nature, hiding just few kilometres behind the city, we found ourselves surrounded by a lush and green space with waterfalls here and there. I’m more than happy that we made it to Amalfi and explored the town for an entire day – it's a must-visit on the Amalfi Coast.

The town, which is said to be the most enchanting of them all is Positano

3. Positano

The town, which is said to be the most enchanting of them all is Positano. After our first attempt to visit Amalfi had failed, we drove around for a while, visited the “Grotta delloSmeraldo” and spent the rest of the day wandering around Positano. This town truly is something special and there is a reason for why it is so popular amongst tourists. Houses in various colours are clinging to the steep cliff while overlooking the blue Mediterranean Sea is as impressive as it can get. We spent what we had left of that day wandering Positano’s tiny streets capturing the atmosphere surrounding us. With our great curiosity for local history, we explored the inside of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta which used to a monastery, erected in the honour of a Byzantine icon. Visiting the church is almost inevitable with its close proximity to the beach, laying surrounded by the winding streets. After spending merely half a day in this magical town, I am quite certain that I will have to return some day to enjoy more of its spirit.

Capri is known as the world’s most beautiful island

4. Capri

Only one boat ride away from Sorrento, and we found ourselves at the shores of Capri. The island, which is known as the world’s most beautiful island, is indeed a small gem surrounded by the azure Mediterranean Sea. The island is a paradise of nature and culture alike. After arriving at the Marina Grande, the biggest of Capri’s harbours, we began ascending towards Capri Town. Instead of taking the romantic funicular, which in a matter of a few minutes takes you uphill, we had decided to walk the path and despite the magnificent views for which we had to take a break now and then, I would recommend taking the railway which is much less demanding. After a rather strenuous ascend, we arrived at the town’s famous piazzetta, the loveliest little square in the world and from here wandered around the tiny streets, discovering beautiful shops and wandered further to witness some astonishing nature. Ever since its discovery by Roman emperor Augustus, Capri has been a paradise for retreatment and relaxation, and you will find the pace being soothing when visiting this gem.


1. Getting around the Amalfi Coast is easy since there is one winding way passing by all the towns on the southern shore. After having rented a car for our daily trips, I would rather recommend using the public busses, if you are going for the inexpensive solution, or have a driver pick you up and drive you around. The parking lots along the coast are rather limited and often already filled before 10 AM. Beyond that, you can end up paying a fortune for a parking lot for an entire day. In Positano the hourly price was around 10 €.

2. If you want to stay at the Amalfi Coast but don’t have the budget for staying in Positano or other posh places, I’d recommend you to look for smaller, less known villages. Everything is in close proximity to each other and therefore makes no difference if you stay in the east, west, north or south of the coast in bigger towns or smaller towns.

3. Every town is truly special on its own and none can be compared to the other. Therefore, try to visit as many towns as possible and soke in the unique atmospheres.


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