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Christmas Market in Lübeck (Luebeck)

There simply isn't a Christmas Market unlike the ones in Germany and if you count among the lucky ones who have visited such a market during December, you might have caught up on this quite unique spirit. Lübeck, the Christmas City of the North, hosts one of the oldest, dating back to 1648, and definitely one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany. The bright Christmas lights will light your way through the Christmas markets in Luebeck which are scattered along the shopping street, inside churches and on squares throughout the city.

A great starting point being at Kohlmarkt

Kohlmarkt - Start eating, drinking and shopping your way through the markets with a great starting point being Kohlmarkt. This place will forever have a place in my memory as the market where they serve mulled unicorn wine with sprinkles and everything my 5-year-old heart desired. They for sure knew I was coming.

Inside the light-flooded St. Petri Church they sell the finest hand-crafted pieces

St. Petri - Literally just a stone’s throw away, is the Christmas market inside the light-flooded St. Petri Church where they sell the finest hand-crafted pieces. Strolling through a Christmas market inside a church with all sorts of magnificent art works doesn’t get any more Christmassy.

Christmas lights brightening up Lübeck's Christmas market

Town Hall Square - The old town of Lübeck is a comprehensible size which leaves the next market not more than a 2-minute walk from the church. In a vast space framed by historical buildings on the market square leaves you standing in what might be called a traditional market. If you have had that picture in mind of how a traditional Christmas market is supposed to look like, then you have come to the right place. This is by far the biggest market in the city where you can fully enjoy the traditional Christmas market mood as you stroll along the stalls bathed in a festive glow of lights.

Around the St. Mary’s Church are several small theme-dedicated markets

St. Mary's Church - Around the St. Mary’s Church are several small, theme-dedicated markets such as the historical market where you can embark on a medieval journey buying all kinds of goods demonstrating long-forgotten skills. Or you can let your inner child loose in the Fairy-tale Forest wandering around beautifully little houses portraying known fairy-tale stories.

The biggest indoor market is inside the Hospital of the Holy Spirit

Hospital of the Holy Spirit - The unique experience by visiting Lübeck’s Christmas markets is that you will find them not only outside, but on the inside as well in historical buildings. The biggest indoor market is the extremely popular one inside the Hospital of the Holy Spirit. About 80 national and international artists and artisans present a tremendous diversity of handcrafted goods. Just browsing and strolling through this historical building already makes for a great journey of discovery.

The “Maritime” market on the square called “Koberg”

Koberg - The best comes at last, and in this case, you definitely don’t want to miss the “Maritime” market on the square called “Koberg” which is the seafarer’s quarter of the historic old town. A broad diversity of stalls serving the most delicious, mouth-water-running savoury and sweet dishes along with mulled wine and other hot Christmas drinks. This is the place to conclude the day by taking a turn in the big wheel to inhale the last, unforgettable view of Lübeck.

Take a turn in the big wheel to inhale the view of Lübeck from above


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