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Where to eat in Barcelona

Try the iconic Catalan dishes at L'Antic Bocoi del Gòtic

1. L'Antic Bocoi del Gòtic

When you find yourself in the Gothic district of Barcelona you really don’t want to miss the experience of eating at L’Antic Bocoi del Gòtic! Surrounded by ancient walls this restaurant serves some of THE BEST Catalan dishes. Something which you simply cannot avoid ordering at this place is the very iconic ‘coques de recapte’ – a Catalan pizza with various toppings made of high quality ingredients. To put it in a few words: the service is great, the food ridiculously delicious and the surroundings are some of the coziest ones you can find. Something else that puts this restaurant on my ‘you-amaze-me’-list, despite the food obviously, was their kitchen. When entering the restaurant you will walk by the bar and see an open (and very small) kitchen with one person preparing aaaall the dishes for the customers. The efficiency of this one person in this very tiny kitchen space is something many restaurants can learn from.

Eating healthy and delicious at Sopa

2. Sopa

For the health addicted reading this (which includes myself) there is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant called ‘Sopa’ located near the neighbourhoods ‘Eixample’ and ‘Vila de Gracia’ in Barcelona. They serve super healthy food which happens to be enormously delicious at the same time and all that for a very reasonable price! I had a very good experience at this place and would undoubtedly recommend it to everyone looking for a delicious and healthy break from all the tapas and sangria every once in a while. They have a load of vegetarian options so I dare to say that there is something for everyone even the normally non-vegetarians. Some might call it hipster; I just call it fresh and healthy food options as I like to stay healthy myself also during my travels. Every morning they prepare their food, so you can always count on getting something fresh.


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