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Where to eat in Brasov

Bistro de l'Arte - tucked tightly in a quaint cobbled street

1. Bistro de l'Arte

On our hopeless mission of finding breakfast at 12 PM (yep, we are hedonists and like to take our time) we stumbled across the restaurant Bistro de l’Arte. Since it already was 12 PM we had to face the reality that no matter how hard we tried and how much we were searching, there was no restaurant left serving breakfast. So we settled for Bistro de l’Arte, being drawn to it by the location tucked tightly in a quaint cobbled street in the city’s old town with a cozy looking exterior. The interior is equally cozy with vaulted brick and stone - akin to a wine cellar. The menu, which normally includes a breakfast service, if you aren’t running as late as us, contains an authentic slow-food style.

Restaurant inside an historical building

2. Bella Muzica

In a building which is listed as a historical monument lies the restaurant "Bella Muzica" hidden away in another of those cozy wine cellars. The restaurant is located on the ancient Council Square in a building which belongs to a group with commercial and handicraft functions surrounding the square. This old building dates back to 16th century, illustrated with its structure with stone and brick arches, niches and woodwork windows the medieval time it belongs to. The restaurant succeeded very well in maintaining this atmosphere of the old times. In Bella Muzica we both had the best and worst experience. The best experience was basically everything, from the atmosphere, to the food and the service. The worst experience was actually by own fault. My experimential boyfriend had set to his mind to try the traditional Romanian Tripe soup (made with cow stomach) and I am sure this was his very last time he dared to be so courageous. Luckily, this was only the first course and the main dish could make it up again for the trauma.

A cozy cellars creates the perfect atmosphere for a restaurant

3. Sergiana

Due to Brasov being such an old city resulting in its many old buildings with their cozy cellars, creates the perfect atmosphere to comprise a restaurant inside. In fact, there are many restaurants in Brasov which are located downstairs in an old cellar giving you lots of options to choose between where to eat in Brasov's many cozy restaurants inside historical buildings; one of these restaurants is Sergiana, where they serve traditional food in the most amazing setting. We chose this restaurant solely for the fact that it looked cozy tucked down in the old cellar located near the Council Square. Sergiana serves plenty of typical, traditional Eastern European food together with a good selection of alcohol to match, don’t forget to try the Tuica, a spirit which brings warmth to your throat.


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