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Where to eat in Hamburg

Find a little Austrian touch inside this utterly cosy hut-styled restaurant

1. Wildes Fräulein

In the heart of Hamburg’s newest district, you can find a little Austrian touch inside this utterly cosy hut-styled restaurant. Inside this rustic, yet very cosy, place you’ll get invited to taste some of the best delicacies from the Alps. Judging from the outside, you wouldn’t know that a building so modern and cool on the outside would contain large, massive wooden tables and benches, decorated nicely with checked cushions and huge cow bells hanging from the ceiling having been converted into lamps. The fulfilment of the alpine hut flair comes with an original gondola, located in the middle of the restaurant which is definitely the most popular table of them all. Although I am not in doubt, that everything on their menu is delicious, the best time of the day to visit Wildes Fräulein must be for lunch or dinner when the menu offers some hearty soups and too many mouth-watering dumplings to choose between. The food here is divine, even so much that we had to order a dessert just to get a little bit more of these goodies. Need to try: the ‘Kaiserschmarrn’ which is the best dessert for the ultimate Austrian feeling. Definitely put this one on your where-to-eat-in-Hamburg-list.


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