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Where to eat in Iasi

Toujours is by far the best restaurant in Iasi

1. Toujours

Toujours is by far the best restaurant in Iasi. This restaurant was the place where we ate the best dessert and drank the best red wine on our entire three-week road trip through Romania. You will find the restaurant hidden away in between buildings with a short five-minute walk from the grand boulevard. After leaving the boulevard and entering a rather abandoned street where the tourist vibe faded and the local atmosphere grew, we found the restaurant tucked away where you might not suspect such a fine restaurant like this one. We visited this restaurant during the summer which was the perfect time to sit outside in their cosy garden terrace, tucked away from the surroundings. The garden terrace is a true retreatment oasis with such a lovely atmosphere. Being a vegetarian I always look out for restaurants who offer at least a couple of vegetarian dishes. Toujours had several vegetarian dishes which were equally delicious. At Toujours you will find a casual, European restaurant with exquisite food and adequate prices, a lovely atmosphere and good service. Put Toujours on your where-to-eat-Iasi-list. Need to try: The Romanian red wine made from the Feteasca Neagra grape. At Toujours they offer the best wine you’ll find from the brand called “Primordial”. The restaurant is equally famous for their lava cake, which was a big success, too.

Blue Acqua is known for their Mediterranean cuisine

2. Blue Acqua

Although a little further away from the city centre, I’d highly recommend you visiting the Blue Acqua restaurant. If you find yourself visiting the restaurant during the summertime, they have a beautiful outdoor dining area, which we had just discovered on our way out since we had entered the restaurant from a different side. This restaurant is especially known for their Mediterranean cuisine but have equally tasty, non-Mediterranean dishes, too. The Mediterranean concept becomes obvious from the minute you enter the restaurant. Lovingly decorated with marine elements in a blue-white colour scheme, this place offers a truly relaxing atmosphere. Whereas the light interior space offers an open room whit a fluid transition to the exterior, the outdoor terrace offers more privacy to those who wish to have a more secluded experience.


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