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Where to eat in Krakow

Stepping into Charlotte makes you wonder whether you wandered into a Parisian bistro

1. Charlotte

Beginning with what is said to be the most important meal of the day, very well-known to be the breakfast. The perfect place for where to eat your breakfast in Krakow is actually a French place called “Charlotte” on the Szczepanski Square. Stepping into Charlotte makes you wonder whether you wandered into a Parisian bistro. The best thing about Charlotte’s is that everything is homemade from the bread and baguettes to the honey and jam. This also means that they don’t use ready-made blends or any kind of food improver; the bread and baguettes are made and baked several times a day. The menu is hence built around their delicious bread and pastries baked on-site. The high ceiling and open space and the possibility to sit at their long tables creates a nice, sociable atmosphere.

The best location with a river view

2. Forum Przestrzenie

On the other side of the river lays the ‘Forum Przestrzenie’, a nice bar with equally nice food situated in an old, formerly abandoned and enormous Hotel. Being located on the other side of the river it gives you a super nice view of the Old Town in Krakow. The Forum Przestrzenie quickly rose to the top of Krakow’s most hip places and is very well-visited day after day, day and night. The place itself consists of a simple interior with some simple equipment, it’s the location though and the competent kitchen with their sandwiches, salads, pizzas and good beer that turn this place into one of the trendiest pace to be and thereby attracts the crowd. On the hotter days you can sit outside on the riverside in their comfy beach chairs during the colder nights you can relax in their retro sofas.

If you like dessert, you will love this place

3. E. Wedel

If you like dessert, you will love this place. If you eat chocolate, then you will abso-freakin'-lutely fall in love with it! E. Wedel Chocolate Lounge is an elegant café that offers a superb collection of chocolates, cakes and pralines with some real and rich hot chocolate drinks. This is truly the perfect place to let your sweet tooth loose and open up your sweet heart. I could find so many arguments to why you should visit this place. It could be that E. Wedel is the oldest Polish chocolate brand or that they have existed for more than 160 years, which kind of makes you think that they have had enough time to perfect their products. The location couldn't be more perfect, too. Right on the Main Market Square in the central part of the Old Town in a beautiful building lays the café. The regal interiors are equally worthy of this kingdom of temptation. Make sure though that you bring some time when you visit this place because the service is kind of slow, like extraordinary slow compared to usual café’s. But I promise you, it's worth your time.

Krakow is justifiable famous for its food truck courtyards

4. Street Food in Kazimierz

Krakow is justifiable famous for its food truck courtyards, especially the Jewish district Kazimierz offers some of the best food in Krakow. Strolling through Kazimierz you’ll find out that it’s not hard to locate their street food with plenty of places to choose between, though especially recommendable are those you’ll find at Plac Nowy (New Square) and Plac Izaaka in the heart of the Jewish district. The street food trucks are offering both Polish and international cuisines and a lot of other food trucks are selling dessert and delicious snacks too along with a dose of local culture and history. New Square is the most classic place to hang out where they happen to serve the famous ‘Zapiekanka’, an open-face sandwich served in any variations – make sure to try one of those. Plac Izaaka is the most central and arguably the most scenic and atmospheric of the food truck courtyards thanks to elements like potted plants and actual proper seating places.


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