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Where to eat in Naples

This was THE best pasta dish I have EVER tasted

1. La Locanda Gesù Vecchio

As I was eating my way through the Italian cuisine on our summer trip through Italy, I had tried one pasta dish after the other, only to find out that they were all incredible. La Locanda Gesù Vecchio was no exception; I would even take it so far as to say that this was THE best pasta dish I have EVER tasted in my whole life, and that means a lot. After a visit to the “Museo Capella Sansevero”, we strolled down the narrow streets of Naples, half lost, half exploring our surroundings when we had almost come to the end of a quiet street in the heart of the historic centre, that’s where we found this gem of true Neapolitan style. The atmosphere was warm and friendly and the staff was very welcoming. We tried our way through the menu with an appetizer, a main course and some good wine, and the taste was like no other; the taste was simply unforgettable and I still dream of it until the day today.

The taste of the sfogliatelle is like no other

2. Sfogliate e Sfogliatelle

Wandering around in the historic centre with its distinctive Greek-Roman architecture, you will come across “Via San Gregorio Armeno”. This street has an undisputed fame of being the heart of Neapolitan nativity art and is hence also known as the Christmas alley. After still being so satisfyingly full after an amazing lunch at La Locanda Gesù Vecchio we were browsing through the street of lights, cribs and handcrafted goods when our attention was attracted by a certain scent, one which had nothing to do with the precious terracotta figurines. Halfway up the street in a courtyard lies a small shop with precious Neapolitan sweets, this shop is called “Sfogliate e Sfogliatelle”. This small shop opened its doors in August 2017 with the idea of reviving the original recipe from the nuns of 1624 whose recipe was eventually recovered after careful research. The taste of the sfogliatelle is like no other, it almost feels like you can taste the thorough attention given to each of the pastries. The crunchiness of the very light shell melts in your mouth followed by a soft and rich cream. The “Sfogliatelle” is normally considered part of the Italian breakfast, but we came to Italy to break the rules and ordered one for our afternoon snack instead.

This typical Neapolitan restaurant has lots of charm, a friendly service and great food

3. La Lazzara Trattoria e Pizzeria

Tucked away in a site street lies this typical Neapolitan restaurant which has lots of charm, a friendly service and great food. As we were sitting there within this relaxed ambience, enjoying their bruschetta and pizza, two guys came along with their guitar and raw Italian voices, completing our Italian experience. As they started playing world famous Italian songs the atmosphere started to shift into a light, romantic vibe; this was as Italian as it could get. Lean back, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and have a good time.

Imagine a combination of fantastic dishes and great service – that's what you will find here

4. Ristorante e Pizzeria Al Cucciolo Bohemien dal 1963

One day, around lunch time, we were chasing a specific restaurant in Naples, only to find out that it was closed. Strolling down one of those typically narrow Neapolitan streets we suddenly saw this cosy-looking restaurant which had no name on it, so we took the chance and sat down. Imagine a combination of fantastic dishes and great service – that's what you will find here. There is not much fuss about this restaurant – it is a simple, nicely decorated restaurant, serving good Italian food for a reasonable price. Make sure to put it on your where-to-eat-in-Naples-list and if you find yourself nearby, make for a stop at this restaurant and enjoy.

This lovely, little restaurant is another gem serving amazing Italian dishes

5. Pappamonte

If you’re planning a day trip to visit both Mount Vesuvius and the Herculaneum you might find yourself in need for a place to recharge your batteries after an exhausting day of both physical and mental activities. In front of the ruins of the Vesuvian city, the Herculaneum, lies this lovely, little restaurant, another gem which serving amazing Italian dishes. The pasta dish I ordered was out of this world, so good! Once you open the doors to this restaurant you will step inside a homely atmosphere with the most welcoming and positive staff. Recalling the history of the Herculaneum, the name of this restaurant recalls in fact the history of the ruins; “Pappamonte” is the blanket of mud that has guarded the excavations. The interior of the restaurant reflects this ancient look pretty well with its stone walls and a slightly vintage style, making it even more original to come here.

In Naples, Casa Infante is THE place to go for ice cream

6. Casa Infante

We couldn’t have survived the hot summer days in Italy without our gelato, and in Naples, Casa Infante is THE place to go. As an ice-cream lover you have to try their ice creams; it has a creamy texture and the taste couldn’t be more intense either. Casa Infante has several shops around in Naples, the most famous one being on Via Toledo. Upon entering their store, you’ll be overwhelmed by the dozens of their flavours, both the classic ones and the “modern” like Oreo are present. The shop has been part of Naples food scene since the 1940’s and has now reached its 3rd generation.


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