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Where to eat in Sighisoara

The Joseph T. Restaurant & Wine Bar is located in the lower part of Sighisoara

1. Joseph T. Restaurant & Wine Bar

The selection of really good food experiences inside the citadel is rather limited which is why I want to guide you to this heavenly restaurant to begin with. Joseph T. Restaurant & Wine Bar is located in the lower part of Sighisoara, outside the citadel and easily reachable if you descend from the Clock Tower downtown. This restaurant hosts a great selection of both the Romanian and international cuisine, served in an elegant, old-world aesthetical setting which nurtures the history of Transylvania’s wealth from centuries ago. Walking into this restaurant, I felt instantly comfortable inside these settings. Not only are the charming features providing a comfortable atmosphere; the welcoming staff, too, are creating a whole ambience inside the restaurant. The restaurant is located on the ground floor with a built-in terrace inside. The impressive building hosts the “Central Park Hotel” which is why you might find guests dining inside the restaurant. If the restaurant is this beautiful, I don’t dare think about how gorgeous the rest of the hotel must be. The building was originally built in 1897 by Joseph B. Teusch, a businessman born in Sighisoara and hence the name of this restaurant. The service was great, the food was excellent and the atmosphere very relaxing which all in all made me feel comfortable and welcomed. Must try: If you, like me, are very much dedicated to desserts, the one you have to try is “Papanasi”. Papanasi is a traditional dessert, often translated into “fried cheese doughnut” and even though the dough often includes a light version of cheese like ricotta, it doesn’t taste of cheese at all. Simply put, it is a fried pastry topped with cream and jam and the taste is heavenly.

The best restaurant inside the citadel - Casa Georgius Krauss

2. Casa Georgius Krauss

Residing inside the citadel has its vantages. Not far from our hotel, literally just around the corner was the best restaurant you will find inside the citadel - Casa Georgius Krauss. On the first evening of our adventure inside the citadel, after having spent the whole day exploring what lays inside the citadel, we wanted to explore the best dining options inside the citadel, too. So, we were happy having found the best restaurant right around the corner from our hotel. It was a perfect summer night and with a view of one of the historical towers in front of me and the Roman Catholic church to my right, turned the dining experience into a perfect one. The restaurant is located inside a charming building on the ground floor which hosts a hotel, too. This historical property was built in the 17th century and looking at pictures from the hotel, both the restaurant and the rooms reflect the history of this building perfectly. Remember to add these restaurants to your where-to-eat-in-Sighisoara-list for your next visit here.


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