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Where to eat in Dresden

1. Coselpalais

What was supposed to be a short 5-minute break inside the Coselpalais to seek shelter and warmth before entering the Frauenkirche turned into a 1,5-hour enjoyment inside thehistorical walls of the Coselpalais. The warm atmosphere of this place along with the cosy interior made me want to stay forever and adding the magical Christmas spirit to it, our visit got even better. It was meant to be a quick stop to regain warmth, so naturally we ordered mulled wine and a warm coffee drink. But as we were sitting there inside this restaurant with a patisserie section at the entrance, we couldn’t walk away without trying at least one of their cakes. It was the hardest decision we had to make that day having to choose only ONE cake since thevariety of cakes is vast and every piece looks as delicious as the one next to it. Wandering around in the historical town of Dresden, a visit to the Coselpalais fulfils your day.

2. BrennNessel

The first impression upon entering “BrennNessel” nestled inside a 350-year-old half-timbered house gave me a feeling of comfort and cosiness. The reserved signs on the tables gave away the impression that we had just entered a popular restaurant. We were welcomed by the staff and despite not having made a reservation, they managed to find a solution and seated us in one of the cosiest corners of the room. With a location close to the Zwinger, yet still a little walk of one km away, you will find this restaurant being very much worth walking the extra mile. BrennNessel is an exclusively vegetarian (and vegan) restaurant, offering the tastiest soups, salads and other vegetarian dishes showing the world how interesting and delicious the vegetarian cuisine can be.

3. KOK van KOK

After wandering around the city of Dresden on a hunt for a restaurant on Saturday night we found ourselves entering this colourful, innovative restaurant KOK van KOK - a secret pearl in the centre of Dresden. On a dark and cold evening, cold to the bone after wandering around the city an entire day, entering KOK van KOK changed our mood instantly when being surrounded by a riot of colourful and happy energy. As colourful as the room itself is, so are the dishes. KOK van KOK is serving the best Dutch specialties, pancakes. Pancakes in all kinds of versions, sweet and savoury, with meat or without, gluten-free or with another one of their three different doughs – the possibilities are endless. I could feel how my mood improved by every minute sitting here, surrounded by 2,3-meter-high tulips and bananas, pears and lemons in XXL-versions dangling from the ceiling. I will gladly come back another time.


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