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Where to eat in Kosice

The eastern part of Slovakia is a region rich in history, culture and modern activities. If you’re looking for a different experience in Slovakia and its food hospitality, there is no better place than Kosice.

The best place to start your day

1. Republika Východu

If you are looking for a good place to start your day in Kosice, look no further! Being perfectly located in the heart of the city lays the restaurant Republika Východu. Republika Východu is a cozy restaurant with great food and great service; the menu has a modern twist and definitely got my attention with all the interesting and yummy meals. It is very homely and I felt comfortable there right from the beginning. We started our day at this restaurant with the most delicious breakfast but you can as well eat your lunch or dinner there. Besides from being a tourist, who didn't understand one word of the Slovakian language, the people from eastern Slovakia though can appreciate the very special feature on the menu which happens to be written in their dialect – I guess this makes this place even more charming for the locals to visit as well. But foreign or local, I'm sure anyone can enjoy visiting Republika Východu.

One of the favourite restaurants in Kosice

2. Villa Regia

On our last evening in the lovely city of Kosice (I can’t tell you often enough how wonderful this city is) we paid a visit to the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary which was close to dinner time so we had to find something to eat anyway. This led us to the closest and best restaurant nearby, Villa Regia. The restaurant was established in 2002 and has since then become one of the favorite restaurants in Kosice, currently holding the 3rd place on Tripadvisor (if you want to have something to compare to). One might not think that this restaurant was established only in 2002 though because the interior reflects something more traditional with a somewhat medieval style. Sitting in comfortable booths with massive wooden tables gives you a feeling of coziness and privacy enhancing this atmosphere with a rustic fireplace and wooden floors.


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