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Where to eat in Rome

The pizzas they offer in Pinsitaly Trevi have the perfect size

1. Pinsitaly Trevi

In an inconspicuous, little restaurant on our way to the Trevi Fountain we had our first lunch in Rome, eating our first Roman pizza. The pizzas they offer at Pinsitaly Trevi have the perfect size for a lighter or a heavier lunch, depending on the size you choose ;) Even though I ordered the smallest pizza, it was still a perfect size for a lighter lunch and was perfectly filling. The pizza was absolutely delicious with a crisp base, loads of cheese and other great toppings. After all, we came to Italy to indulge in carbs, with plenty of pasta and pizza not to be missed out on. This is the place where you will find a true gem in the food for decent prices and a good service.

Venchi is an old Italian gourmet chocolate manufacturer

2. Venchi

Oh, how many uncountable times did we pass by and walk in and out of Venchi, gazing at their imposing chocolate fountains and wandering around the store marvelling at their uncountable pralines and chocolates. It wasn’t until our last night in Rome that we finally decided to buy an ice cream and I might have regretted not doing it earlier. Venchi is an old Italian gourmet chocolate manufacturer which was founded in 1878 by chocolatier Silviano Venchi. However, their ice cream is a newer addition to their assortment which was added in 2006. You don't want to miss out on this one and maybe you can learn from my own mistakes not waiting for the last night to try out this delicious ice cream.

A small plate with a selection of one of each of their desserts

3. Bono Bottega Nostrana

The first thought that comes to my mind when reminiscing about our experience at Bono Bottega Nostrana was the impeccable service. After having a delightful lunch, we were too curious about the lovely-looking dessert served at the table next to ours, that we couldn’t restrain ourselves from not ordering the same as well. What was served was a small plate with a selection of one of each of their desserts. Even though the lunch had already made us satisfactory full, we couldn’t help but to order what looked so heavenly - and tasted heavenly, too. The restaurant is located right outside Vatican City and makes for a great lunch spot after an extensive visit to the small, independent state. Do yourself the favour and don’t miss out on this restaurant.

The Old Bridge Gelateria is yet another great placethe ‘Old Bridge Gelateria’ is another great place for ice cream in Rome

4. Old Bridge Gelateria

Hot summer days in Rome are a perfect excuse to indulge in one gelato after the other – after all, it is important to cool down your body temperature and the Old Bridge Gelateria is another great place to do so. With more than 30 years of experience, you might say they have had plenty of time to perfect their authentic-tasting ice cream. The ‘Old Bridge Gelateria’ is located closely to Vatican City, and in case you haven’t had dessert at the above-mentioned restaurant yet, or your "special" stomach for dessert has room for more, try their ice creams - you won't regret.


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