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Where to eat in Sibiu

Before heading out on a new adventure, I’ll usually make a list of restaurants, bars and cafés we need to try, arranging them according to the location in the city we might be at that time of day. The list is made up of a combination of finds from TripAdvisor, Pinterest and blogs, after they have been profoundly investigated and thoroughly chosen. I rarely trust the reviews of just one page since, according to my experience, people’s standards for a restaurant can vary which also means that some might give a good review for a place which I wouldn’t find equally good. This does seem to be a long process, but it usually gives us a good experience 9 out of 10 times. Therefore, I’d like to say “Trust me on this one and on any of my where-to-eat-lists” when you’re going through my recommendations.

This restaurant is located inside a historical building

1. Hochmeister Delikat'essen

Not far from the Grand Square lies this restaurant located inside a historical building on the corner between the square and the citadel street, serving the most fantastic food in Sibiu. Hochmeister Delikat’essen is located in the former home of the city’s major, Martin von Hochmeister, who also happens to have been a famous writer, known for having printed the first newspaper in Transylvania in 1790. This restaurant managed to wonderfully combine the historical aspect of this building with a modern take on the interior; it’s beautifully restored with a touch of cosiness. The menu is a great blend of traditional recipes with influences from the modern world. The food is absolutely fantastic, and I would love for you to put it on your where-to-eat-in-Sibiu-list because no matter where you read your reviews, everyone is speaking highly of it.

This is a cosy restaurant in a vaulted room

2. Crama Sibiul Vechi

On a side street from the lively main pedestrian street, Strada Nicolae Balcescu, lies an authentic, Romanian restaurant. After walking up and down the main street, admiring the buildings and looking hungry at some of the restaurants we took a turn into one of the side streets where the hustle and bustle became distant, and the atmosphere got quieter and more peaceful. Coming from the pedestrian street with filled tables at the restaurants and turning into this side street, one might not even assume to find a restaurant here; this gem is hidden well away. Walking down the stairs into the basement, there was a cosy restaurant in a vaulted room opening up to us. Inside this restaurant which has a low-key setting, you will find that its authenticity is what makes it so great. The atmosphere, the food and the people have turned it into something what felt so real, so Romanian.

I’m a dessert girl inside out

3. Heis & Eis Café

I’m a dessert girl inside out. That, and cheese beats any kind of food for me. Even though there might be weeks and even months where I'lle be quitting sugar, my addiction usually gives in at the end. However, those periods without sugar are well-planned and never hit a time when I’m heading out traveling. I want to allow myself indulging in all the goodies a different country has to offer, like this cute Ice cream shop in Sibiu. Usually, the need for something sweet hits around 30-60 minutes after dinner and by that time we might already have left the restaurant as was the case when we headed out on a hunt for dessert that very evening. If it wasn’t for the fresh, pink colour, you might easily miss this place which is merely a hole in the wall with a small truck standing in front of it. The selection however is huuuuuge. I’m quite certain that however picky one might be about food, there will absolutely be something here for everyone.


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